Here are some pictures from our recent baptismal service on 12/28/2014!

We would like to thank Faith Bible Baptist Church of Lebanon Junction, KY for the use of their baptistery.

Getting ready!!!

Bro. Joe

Bro. Kim

Bro. Jared

Ms. Carol

Ms. Brittany

Ms. Stephanie

I have said it many times, God has been good to us as a new little church, and He continues to bless us.


What a blessing to serve a RISEN SAVIOUR!

We had a great Resurrection Sunday service this morning.  Ms. Rebecca and her grandmother played a beautiful duet on the piano. 

For a minute we thought we might have to extend our parking lot as many cars were double parked, but I must admit that is a very pleasing problem to ponder.







We have been busy as of late getting the renovation of the interior of the building completed. 



Trip to the Philipinnes

Recently our sending church, Buchanan Avenue Baptist Church of Sioux City, IA, was able to have two of their men go to the Philippines to preach at many different churches.  One of the churches they were able to hold services at was Faith Baptist Church in Brgy, Doman, Dupax del.  This is the church of Pastor Andy Carpio one of our missionaries.  Below is a photo of the visit.


From Right: Bro. Adam Warrad, Pastor Andy Carpio, Pastor Carpio's wife Maricel, Pastor Carpio's daughter Mereane, Bro. Shane Breece. 



Bro. Larry Schaffer

We we blessed to have Brother Larry Schaffer and his family by to present their work in the Philippines.  Bro Schaffer has been in the Philippines for almost 7 years.  He has planted one church and turned it over to a local pastor and now is working in Cavite Province. 



For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16